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Antenna Repairs

Antenna Repairs and Reception Improvement in Cairns

Having TV reception issues? We will visit your home to test your TV reception equipment, identify the problem and fix it at the earliest. We recognise that poor reception can be a frustrating experience. With our professional antenna repairs, you don’t have to put up with poor TV reception.

Our friendly technicians are fully qualified and are highly experienced. As a leading antenna repair service in Cairns, we fix and repair antennas across Cairns every day. We understand every aspect of antenna installations and TV reception.

We will test your equipment thoroughly to identify the problem, and we will fix it quickly and efficiently. We provide high quality antenna repair services to get your TV reception back at the earliest convenience.

TV Reception Problems – What to Do?

If you are not getting a clear picture on your TV, take the following steps to start with:

Check whether the cable/satellite menu is available on the screen. If you can see the menu, it means your antenna is working fine. If the menu isn’t visible, perhaps the problem is with your TV. Disconnect the power supply for a few minutes and connect again to see if your reception problems are sorted.

Ensure that the pole on which your antenna is mounted is touching the ground. If it’s mounted on the roof or the chimney, then it’s best to get it remounted appropriately.

If you live in urban or suburban areas, avoid placing an amplifier on your antenna or the mast.  The amplifier will pick all the signals around including the one from the local police, the radio and the telephones.

Antenna Repairs Specialist

Our fully qualified Antenna installation technicians can look at your TV reception equipment to fix the situation at the earliest. What’s more, we get it right the first time for complete peace of mind.