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Antennas Today - TV Reception Problems

TV Reception Problems

TV Reception Problems Solution Provider in Cairns

The majority of TV reception problems are caused when viewers use old, inadequate or degraded external antennas or watch the incorrect TV transmission sites. And on those rare occasions, your TV reception problems could be caused by signal overload or interference.

At Antennas Today, we provide a reliable, professional and prompt service for TV reception problems in Cairns and the surrounding area.

Reasons for Poor TV Reception

TV reception problems could be caused by a variety of factors. Some of the reasons could be:

– Broken antennas

– Weak signal coverage

– Fly leads or cables that are damaged, old or incorrectly plugged in

– Set top box or TV that’s not tuned to the correct channel

– The antenna is not pointing to the right transmitter

Experienced Technicians

At Antennas Today, we have years of experience in fixing TV reception issues. Our crew is fully trained and has years of experience. We fix reception problems day in and day out quickly, efficiently and economically.

Our technician will inspect your antennas, the cables and your TV to identify the problem. We have a variety of equipment to quickly test the cables to ensure the problem is not to do with weak signal reception.

Our technician will then diagnose your problem and fix it for you in no time.

High Quality Antenna Repairs

If there’s a problem with your antenna, our antenna installation technicians will be able to repair it. If repair is not a possibility, we may recommend an antenna replacement. If your antennas are perfectly fine, and there’s an equipment mismatch, we will recommend that you invest in the appropriate equipment to receive uninterrupted TV reception.