New TV Points

Cairns TV Point Installation

Antennas Today provide affordable Cairns TV point installation and relocation services for local homes and businesses. We provide comprehensive TV point installation services, with evaluation of your existing TV points for an optimal future-proofed design. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and are sure to provide you with the most efficient installation possible.

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New Points and Relocations:

If your home or business has multiple televisions, we can setup advanced splitting solutions that don’t sacrifice signal and ensure reliable access 24/7. Other times, older houses require new points because the old connection points simply don’t transfer signal anymore. If we’re relocating an access point and you’d like the old spot to be a bit more discrete, a blank plastic cover can be placed over it.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

When setting up new TV connection points or splitters, we’ll assess your existing TV wiring architecture. If we notice corroding wires or problems with your antenna that could be affecting your signal, we can take care of it to maximise the potential of your home’s TV setup.

Common problems we fix include:

  • Intermittent signal issues
  • Wrong transmitter connection
  • Corroded components
  • Bad TV setups

Free Measure and Quote:

Give us a call on to arrange a free measure and quote. In our quote, we’ll identify a few good installation points for the lowest cost and best convenience for your entertainment setup. We’re happy to install new TV points wherever you’d like, but in some cases (i.e. behind a concrete wall) it can be unfeasible. We’ll also look out for any underlying issues, such as corroding cabling, that could cause problems in the future if not addressed.

Cairns TV Point Installation

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