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Satellite TV Installation Services

Antennas Today provide satellite TV installation services throughout Cairns and surrounding areas including Port Douglas, Gordonvale, Goldsborough, Koah and more. We’ve got over ten years of experience in satellite TV installation and have the knowledge required to find the best-valued satellite dish for you. All installations come with a three-year warranty, but in over a decade of operation, we’ve never had to replace a dish under warranty.

Get in touch with us on 0417 606 388 to arrange an inspection and quote for a new satellite dish installation or replacement.

Satellite Dish Installation:

Our team can help you identify the best-valued satellite dish for your needs and surrounding environment. New TV cabling and connectors can be installed, but if you’ve got existing wiring around your home, we try to utilise as much of it as possible to save you on costs. That said, if we find any underlying issues with the TV wiring, we may recommend upgrading to save you problems in the future.

Accessing Satellite TV:

Satellite TV is accessed in Australia through the viewer access satellite television (VAST) program. Our comprehensive installation takes care of everything necessary to get your TV up and running, including VAST connection. We’ll help you apply for the VAST program if necessary, and we’ll take care of installing and setting up the VAST set-top box after the satellite dish has been successfully installed. Once we’ve set up the VAST box and configured it and your TV properly, accessing satellite TV will be just like using normal free-to-air television.

Satellite Repair services:

We repair all common faults that arise from satellite dishes and set top boxes. Our knowledge and expertise ensure that we accurately identify the fault and find any underlying causes that could give rise to it again. Intermittent faults are one area we have specialist experience in; we can usually replicate any random outages you’ve experienced to find the root cause.

Common satellite faults we repair include:

  • Improperly setup VAST box
  • VAST fault codes
  • Loss of signal
  • Intermittent losses of signal
  • Cabling and connector problems
  • LNB device failure / misalignment

Cairns Satellite TV Installation Services

Get in touch with Antennas Today to book any of our satellite television installation services for your home, office or building. Call 0417 606 388.