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TV Antenna Cairns

TV Antennas Reception Improvement, Installation and Repair Services

ANTENNAS TODAY started as a local family business in 1989. Today we have evolved into the digital age with upgradedĀ digital equipment.

We offer antenna installation, antenna repairs and TV reception problem solutions.

Our Signal Meters can not only measure the strength of a signal but can also measure the picture quality. An enhanced spectral graph can also pinpoint minor signal errors that would otherwise not be apparent.

We can install new antenna systems, extra TV outlets, wall mount tvs and also tune in and set up TVs DVDs etc.

We also set up Satellite VAST TV systems and also Satellite systems to receive foreign broadcasts on the KU Satellite band.

All work is guaranteed and antennas and amplifiers all have a 3 year warranty.

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Antennas Today offers Antenna Installation, Antenna Repairs, TV Reception Problems

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