About Antennas Today

Antennas Today are a locally owned and operated business providing antenna installation, repairs and television reception solutions to Cairns homeowners, businesses and builders. We have been operating in Cairns since 1989 and the current owner has been running the business for over a decade. Our current services include:

  • Antenna Installation
  • Antenna Repairs
  • TV Reception Problem Solutions
  • TV Outlet Installation
  • Tuning and setting up of televisions (including digital and smart tvs)
  • Satellite installations

All of our work comes with a 3-year warranty – for more information or to book a service, please get in touch with the team at Antennas Today on 0417 606 388.

Future-Proof Your Home:

Antennas Today started out in 1989, and as technology has evolved over the past 20 years, so have our services. We have continuously invested in training and up-skilling our staff as well as upgrading to digital equipment to ensure that we are able to service our customers appropriately.

All our services are focused not only on repairing or solving your immediate problem, but also looking forward to identifying potential issues you may face in the future with your existing set-up, and finding solutions that will work for those as well. Whether that means upgrading hardware or wiring or reviewing upcoming development plans for your area, we pride ourselves on doing everything within our power to future-proof your television antenna and setup.

Our Equipment:

With digital television, a good antenna system is essential if you want to receive good reception. Problems can occur if your antenna, cable or wall plate are not good quality or in good condition, which is why it is important that you use an installer who favours high-quality parts and materials.

We invest in the best equipment to ensure that we can provide our customers with a premium service. All our antennas and amplifiers come with a 3-year warranty, and our signal meters can not only measure the strength of a signal but can also measure the picture quality. An enhanced spectral graph can also pinpoint minor signal errors that would otherwise not be apparent.

Why Choose Antennas Today:

Our installation technician has over a decade of experience in the industry and we specialise specifically in antennas. There are many benefits to using a specialist versus a ‘jack of all trades’ including receiving a much more tailored service, specific your individual requirements. We bring a level of knowledge and experience in solving difficult signal and reception problems that many electricians are not able to provide.

In addition to providing a specialist service, we also offer a 3-year warranty on all our workmanship – this ensures that if you start having signal or reception issues within 3 years of our service, we will fix the problem free of charge. We are very proud to boast that in many years of operating, we have never had a customer claim the warranty!

Contact Antennas Today

Get in touch with Antennas Today for more information about any of our installation or repair services, or to make a booking. Call 0417 606 388.