New Home TV Antenna Installations

Cairns Antenna Installation Services

Antennas Today are Cairns antenna installation professionals with over a decade of experience in new structure installation and existing antenna replacement services. We provide comprehensive installation packages designed for the best signal efficiency. Our setups are reliably and thoughtfully put together to ensure the longest lifespan out of your new antenna installation.

Get in touch with us on 0417 606 388 to arrange a quote; we service all of Cairns and surrounding areas including Palm Cove, Gordonvale and more.

New Home and Business Installation:

Whether you’re after a replacement antenna or you’ve just built a new home or business, we’ll develop a tailor-made antenna solution for you. Our antenna installations are not simply tailor-made to your house as it currently stands; we’ll try to future-proof it as much as possible by looking at surrounding developments that could hinder your signal strength.

Comprehensive Antenna Installation Services:

When we come to your home or business for the initial inspection, we’ll perform a testing of your TV devices to determine whether your house will require a signal amplifier. We’ll identify the most affordable and convenient spots to install TV connection points and identify any issues pertinent to your property’s location. Get in touch with us on 0417 606 388 to arrange an inspection and quote.

Once installed, we’ll make sure your TV is properly set up. Sometimes we’ll find that the automatic TV setup doesn’t find the best tower settings, so we’ll manually refine it when necessary to get the most out of your new antenna. All new antenna installations come with a three-year warranty, but in our decade of operations, we’ve never had to go replace an antenna under warranty.

Satellite Dish Installation:

Although their use is waning today, satellite dishes are still needed in selected rural areas with blackspots, or for structures that have an obstruction in their direct line of sight to the transmitter. Like antenna installation, we provide a tailored approach to satellite installation and we’ll find the best setup for your surrounding environment and household needs. Visit our page on satellite dish installation to find out more about our services.

Cairns Antenna Installation Services

Get in touch with Antennas Today to book any of our antenna installation services for your home, office or building. Call 0417 606 388.